A Giant Among Men: The Story of Michael Dorn

Long ago, deep in the heart of the Misty Mountains a great giant was born. His name was Michael Dorn, and he emerged from the shadows of the mountain in 1952.

Clothed in thick armor of strength, courage, and the spirit of adventure, Michael has trekked through life full speed ahead. He’s been an intrepid explorer, scaling his life’s greatest heights to star in films, television and voice-overs.

"No challenge is too great" has been his motto since he decided to take a risk and break into entertainment after majoring in Radio and Television production in college. His leap of faith turned out to be quite successful as he starred alongside William Shatner on “Star Trek: the Next Generation” which was an immediate hit when it debuted in the late 80s.

Michael’s courage and fortitude are evident when you learn about his latest courageous venture: “Familio". This family app connects families online, so that we all can stay connected with one another from anywhere in the world. It keeps us connected when we are far away, or unable to be as physically close as we'd like. With Familio, you can easily access images, video and other content for your family’s smiling faces, whenever you wish.

Michael Dorn continues to be a beacon of hope for us all, challenging us all to climb higher than we ever thought possible. His warm and generous nature radiates from his formidable form and never ending smile. An inspiration to us all, there is no better satisfaction than knowing that Michael’s light will never dim. He invites us all to dream big and strive hard towards making those dreams come true.

Take courage and action toward your dreams. Dare to dream big with Michael Dorn as your guide!