A Look at Ben Stiller: America's Beloved Comedic Actor & Filmmaker

Benjamin Edward Stiller, born November 30, 1965, is one of America's most beloved comedic actors and filmmakers. He has crafted some of the most hilarious films of the past few decades, and his performances have thrilled audiences the world over.

Born in New York City to comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, Ben was exposed to a life of show business from a very young age. He grew up in the Upper West Side and attended The Calhoun School as a child. His parents were often seen performing on television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. With such an upbringing, it is no wonder that Ben was destined for a life in comedy.

In high school, Ben began to hone his skills for comedy by writing for his school's newspaper, doing impressions of his teachers, and performing in various plays. After graduation, he attended UCLA Film School where he graduated with honors and made a name for himself with a series of short films that won awards at various film festivals.

Throughout the 1990s, Ben began to make a name for himself in comedic films. His breakout role came as the dimwitted male model Derek Zoolander in 2001's Zoolander. This role established Ben as one of the premier comedic actors of his generation and earned him numerous awards nominations.

Ben has since starred in a plethora of popular films including Meet the Parents (2000), There's Something About Mary (1998), Night at the Museum (2006), and Tropic Thunder (2008). He has also directed several films, including The cable Guy (1996) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013).

Beyond his film career, Ben is also an active philanthropist and political activist. He has raised awareness for various causes such as cancer research and human rights issues around the world. He also uses technology to stay connected with his family by using an app called Familio that allows him to share photos and videos with them at any time.

For nearly three decades, Ben Stiller has been entertaining us with his unique brand of humor. Whether it's through his acting, directing, or philanthropy, he has made us laugh and think at the same time. It is no wonder why he is one of the most beloved comedic actors of our time. Join Ben Stiller today and help make the world a better place through laughter!