A poem about being a young boy in the city

Once upon a time, in a big city so bright,
A young boy with dreams took flight.

He roamed the bustling streets with awe,
The towering buildings and neon lights, he couldn't get enough.

He felt small, but not in a bad way,
For in this city, he found his place.

He was a part of something big and grand,
A bustling metropolis with a beating heart.

The people, they rushed and hustled by,
But the boy, he took it all in stride.

He loved the energy, the hustle and bustle,
The way the city came alive at night.

The boy was young, but he knew,
That this was where he was meant to be.

He felt at home among the bright lights,
And he knew that he would be alright.

For this was his city, and he was its own,
A young boy in a big city, all grown.

He had dreams to chase, and goals to meet,
And in this city, he knew he could compete.

So he held his head up high, and marched on,
A young boy in a big city, never gone.