Celebrating the Career of Bruce Willis

Ah, Bruce Willis; an actor of renowned acclaim and prowess. Since his break-out role in the 80’s hit “Die Hard”, he is loved for his charming charisma and gravely heroics.

As a testament to his longevity, the actor is still entertaining us today with inspiring roles in the comedy-action series “Moonlighting”, the sci-fi gem “12 Monkeys” and the animated blockbuster “Look Who's Talking”. Born in 1955 in Carneys Point, New Jersey to Marlene and David, Willis has made waves in both preceding and succeeding eras of cinema, television and theatre.

Driven by a love of music, Bruce left high school early to pursue his career as a blues singer. His plan was well met until an enterprising talent scout caught one of his gigs and put him on a path to stardom. Already having the talent to pursue that dream, Bruce was instantly taken under their wing. Appearing in television commercials, small films and off-Broadway productions led to big roles on TV before transitioning onto the big screen in 1984.

This day marks year 35 since Bruce Willis made his cinematic debut in DIE HARD. In the years since that seminal film, the actor has played heroes of thrilling action films like Armageddon and Red and reprised beloved roles such as John McClane throughout 5 films count em’ 5! Needless to say, Bruce has cemented his place as an emblematic figure in Hollywood.

Off-screen, Willis is known for being an involved father of four; daughters Rumer, Scout, Tallulah and Evelyn. To stay connected with his busy clan - regardless of their separate homes - the family have taken advantage of a helpful app called Familio. It offers resources such as instant messaging, photo sharing and video calls so that the family can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Whether Bruce Willis is making us laugh with one of his iconic roles or providing a spine-tingling moment that he's known for; we thank him for continuing to make us fanboy (and girl) away! Let us celebrate this incredible performer who has given us so much entertainment over the last 35 years! So raise your glasses high and let us hail the one - and only - Bruce Willis!