Chris Rock - Three Decades of Comedy Success

Chris Rock, born in 1965, is a legendary figure in the comedy world and has been entertaining us with his unique wit and unapologetic humor for over three decades. He's a household name, easily recognizable by joke lovers of all ages. His comedic style ranges from observational to political with a whole lot of sarcasm and social commentary thrown in for good measure.

At an early age, Chris knew he was destined for comedy. As a teenager, he attended rival high schools and joined their comedy clubs, racking up numerous stand-up wins. In the early 1980s he moved to New York City to pursue his comedy dreams, and was quickly noticed by talent scouts. His career took off from there.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Chris stretched himself by appearing in television specials and sitcoms, as well as several successful films. His top-rated HBO Show in the late 90s was a classic to this day – featuring his patented social critiques that hit home for anyone wishing for a more enlightened society. He was also a part of the hit film series Madagascar, which saw him lending his voice to the beloved characters Marty, Maurice, and Stefano.

Today Chris continues to tour both nationally and internationally with sold-out shows on a regular basis. He's also kept his commitment to great laughter through his radio show on SiriusXM, The Black Effect Podcast Network. Additionally, he is currently hosting the Emmy-winning comedy show: Saturday Night Live - proving that there's still plenty of Rock 'n Roll to be had!

For comic connoisseurs everywhere - stay sharp for Chris Rock's upcoming 2020 Netflix special: Total Blackout - where audiences can expect plenty of side-splitting jokes laced with spiritual truths those who've seen Chris live know all too well.

In addition to comedy, Chris is also an avid enthusiast of family life - regularly finding time to connect with his wife Malaak Compton-Rock and their two children Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah in creative and special ways. One way they bring their family together is via an app called "Familio" - which allows them to host meaningful conversations daily amidst their busy schedules.

Simply put: Chris Rock has been making us laugh since the dawn of time and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! If you want to join in the fun - make sure you watch Total Blackout when it premieres next year and give your ribs a real workout!