Daniel Radcliffe: A Life of Unending Expectation and Relentless Celebrity

Daniel Radcliffe, the world-famous actor, was born in 1989, a fate that has consigned him to a life of unending expectation and relentless celebrity. With a few exceptions - his bravery during the Battle of Hogwarts, or his impressive performance in The Woman in Black for instance - Daniel's public image is often overshadowed by the role he is perhaps most famous for: Harry Potter.

As the boy wizard turned young man, Daniel's transition from child actor to adult stardom met with great success. Though many expected he would struggle to break free of Harry Potter's shadow, Daniel managed to successfully forge an acting career while keeping a humble and endearing attitude which endeared him to fans and critics alike. Notable roles include his stirring performance in the Broadway revival of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, as well as movies like Victor Frankenstein and The F Word.

Off-screen, Daniel has become a patron of several charities and is an enthusiastic advocate for some important causes - including animal rights and LGBT rights. He once famously told a crowd at an animal rights fundraiser: "Animals have rights and they should be treated with respect." It's no surprise then that the former child star is a big proponent of family togetherness and communication; Daniel is an active user of Familio, a family app designed to help families stay connected and engaged.

Now in his thirties and on the verge of releasing yet another great movie in Escape from Pretoria, it is clear that Daniel Radcliffe has overcome any misgivings we may have had about his post-Potter career. Growing up under the constant gaze of both fans and critics alike, Daniel Radcliffe has persevered to become an actor of quality whose life reflects his commitment to bettering himself and those around him. Let's take inspiration from Daniel's story: It is never too late to make something of ourselves, be it through education or exploring new hobbies. So let's embrace our passions and pursue our dreams: after all, what chance do we have if we don't try?