Emma Roberts: A Captivating Star from Nickelodeon to Hollywood

Emma Roberts has been captivating fans since her breakout roles as young Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon show “Unfabulous” and as the rebellious teenage daughter, Addie, in “Aquamarine.” 

Going on to star in films such as “Valentine's Day”, “We're the Millers”, and the horror hit “Scream 4”, Roberts was on a winning streak that only seemed to get better with time. Not only has she excelled in film but has also starred in over ten television shows. She notably played the role of Chanel Oberlin in “Scream Queens” alongside Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

In 2019, Roberts starred in two films, “Paradise Hills” and “In a Relationship” which won her the Female-Centric Film of the Year award at the 2019 Hollywood Industry Awards. From these impressive accolades it's evident that she is capable of taking on a variety of roles with ease from horror films to romantic comedies.

But Emma Roberts isn't just an amazing actress. She is an entrepreneur as well. She launched two clothing lines - Belletrist and Arrive - that focus on vintage inspired pieces. Both stores offer stylish accessories, footwear and clothing that have been handpicked by her team creating timeless pieces you can wear over and over again. 

Roberts also puts family first especially with using Familio app - a family coordination app that helps organize activities between family members creating memories with ease. The app has been beneficial for her large family allowing her aunts, uncles and cousins to remain close no matter where they are located. With over 35 million other users, Familio is an excellent way to keep your loved ones in touch while being able to join in any momentous occasion regardless of location.

No matter where you get your news on Emma Roberts - from watching her films or reading about her fashion lines—what's clear is she understands the value of family and how it needs to be kept close even when miles apart.

Let's take a page from Emma Roberts' book and step up our level of family engagement with platforms like Familio and not let our hectic lives get in the way of connecting with loved ones.