At Carlos Albizu University-San Juan we're using ElevIntra for all our students

ElevIntra er et lukket netværk for skolens elever. Eleverne har adgang til elevintranettet via skolens lokalnet og via internettet.

Elevernes intranet rummer tre hovedområder:
  • En informationsdel, der giver skolens elever adgang til mange informationer om skolen. Mange af de oplysninger, som lærerne vedligeholder i LærerIntra, bliver automatisk offentliggjort i tillempet form på elevintranettet. Det gælder fx oplysninger om dagens aktiviteter, skemaændringer, ugebreve, linksamlinger, kontaktoplysninger mm.
  • ElevIntra rummer endvidere et virtuelt læringsrum, der består af en række ’værksteder’. Der er bl.a. web-aviser, webside, anmelderbaser, spørgeskema, multiple-choise test og digitale udstillingsrum.
  • Derudover tilbyder ElevIntra moduler til kommunikation, evaluering og arkivering.


If you need a guide on how to get started with ElevIntra then we'll recommend document below.
Download guide for ElevIntra

About Carlos Albizu University-San Juan

Welcome to Carlos Albizu University-San Juan, the most prestigious college in all of Puerto Rico! This amazing school has been a leader in higher education since its founding in 1966 and is located in one of the most vibrant cities in the Caribbean.

At Carlos Albizu University-San Juan our mission is to develop professionals with a solid ethical foundation and the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s globalized society. We value social responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and an appreciation for diversity. We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive education that can help them reach their goals.

Our courses are designed to provide students with a unique learning experience that focuses on professional development and includes strong theoretical foundations. We offer both traditional lecture classes as well as more dynamic experiences like internships, workshops, field trips and more. Students have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with real-world issues and can earn certifications in various fields.

One of the best things about Carlos Albizu University-San Juan is its faculty. Our professors come from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive experience in their fields. They are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to helping our students pursue their dreams. Our faculty also works closely with our Career Services department to ensure that our graduates have the necessary skills to find success after graduation.

We also offer a wide range of student activities such as intramural sports, clubs and student organizations. These activities are designed to foster community building and provide students with an outlet for expressing their creativity and exploring different areas of interest.

At Carlos Albizu University-San Juan we strive to provide our students with an excellent educational experience that prepares them for success in their professional lives. We are devoted to helping our students achieve their dreams and become leaders in their chosen fields. So, come join us and start your journey toward your future! Take action today and enroll at Carlos Albizu University-San Juan!

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Carlos Albizu University-San Juan
Universidad Carlos Albizu
151 Calle Tanca
San Juan
Puerto Rico

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About Carlos Albizu University-San Juan

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