About Gullestrup skole

Gullestrup Skole—an enchanting institution of learning where students are given the opportunity to study magic, mathematics, and much more!

Muggles and magical folk alike are welcome in this magical realm of education, tucked away on the mystical Løvbakkevej 2 in Herning. Legend has it that Gullestrup Skole was built in a single night by an ancient order of powerful wizards—and though the stories have been passed down from generation to generation, no records remain.

But students at Gullestrup Skole know that the rumors are true; they can feel the magic swirling in the air and bouncing off of the walls. From the moment they pass through the doors, they know they’re entering a special place… a place where anything is possible.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Gullestrup Skole on the magical grapevine—particularly about the new headmaster, Professor Periwinkle. Professor Periwinkle is a bit of an enigma; none of the usual sources seem to know anything about his background or qualifications. Some say he arrived in Herning on a winged horse—others swear he descended from the sky on a cloud of mist and moonlight.

Whatever his origins may be, Professor Periwinkle has made Gullestrup Skole even more incredible than before. He’s added new classes, including potions and broomstick flying lessons (which are very popular with students!). He’s also brought in some new teachers, all incredibly qualified and from far-off places. He even planted a vegetable garden in the courtyard!

But it’s not just about learning magic at Gullestrup Skole; there’s also plenty of regular subjects like mathematics, science and language studies. And if you don’t fancy any of those? Don’t worry! There’s still something for everyone at Gullestrup Skole.

So if you have an adventurous spirit and a thirst for knowledge, look no further than Gullestrup Skole! Visit today to experience its magical atmosphere and limitless possibilities—you won’t regret it! Maybe you’ll even find your own magical destiny while you’re there…

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Gullestrup skole
Løvbakkevej 2
7400 Herning

Playgrounds near Gullestrup skole

Gilmoseparkens Legeplads
Gilmoseparken 39
Musik legeplads
7400 Herning

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