ForældreIntra is a closed system for parents to students in our school

ForældreIntra er en udvidelse af Skoleporten, men i modsætning til de øvrige dele af Skoleporten er ForældreIntra et beskyttet område, hvor kun forældre til elever på skolen har adgang. For at komme ind i ForældreIntra skal brugeren indtaste brugernavn og adgangskode. Ud fra disse oplysninger får brugeren adgang til de relevante områder. Forældre har kun adgang til klassesider, der vedrører de klasser, hvori deres egne børn går. Adgang til ForældreIntra sker via et menupunkt i Skoleportens hovedmenu.

ForældreIntra er et redskab, skolen kan benytte i forbindelse med skolehjemsamarbejdet. Forældre og lærere med adgang til en klasses sider i ForældreIntra kan både hente information om klassen, læse meddelelser til klassen og deltage aktivt med billeder, opslag, beskeder, debatindlæg ol.

Ved første indlogning i ForældreIntra skal forælderen anvende deres brugernavn samt en automatisk genereret førstegangskode. Når førstegangskoden er godkendt ved første indlogning, bliver forældreren sendt videre til en side, hvor han eller hun skal vælge sig en personlig adgangskode, som skal anvendes ved fremtidige besøg i ForældreIntra. Personlige adgangskoder skal bestå af mindst 6 tegn.


You are welcome to download the ForældreIntra guide below if you need a quick introduction on how to get started.

About Methodist College

The fall of 7600 N Academic Drive, Peoria, Illinois, USA was before my time. Folks would tell stories of a glorious era when the grounds of Methodist College were alive with laughter and camaraderie.

In the days of old, the students of Methodist College would make their way through the halls of the institution, passing its many classrooms and buildings, eyes wide and minds eager. The classrooms were filled with the latest knowledge and equipment crafted by the most talented teachers from across the country. Aspirers from all walks of life would come to study and expand their horizons, to learn new skills and apply them to their everyday lives.

Classes included finance, math, english, social sciences and many more as well as extracurricular activities such as debating clubs and sports teams for students to explore and compete in. The students also had the opportunity to join student organizations and participate in cultural activities like dance, theater or music departments to further sharpen their skills.

That was until age and negligence caught up with the college and its grounds were no longer fit for learning. Although there have been attempts to speed up the process of restoring Methodist College back to its former glory, progress seems to be slow as obstacles still stand in its way.

Nevertheless, I am confident that our efforts will not be in vain and soon enough we'll see 7600 N Academic Drive back up in its full swing. A spark of hope remains within our hearts as we look at its current state, believing that one day it will blossom again into a warm environment teeming with life and knowledge like it did in its heydays.

It was a great pleasure revisiting Methodist College—a once vibrant part of my childhood memories—and it will be an even greater pleasure to see it restored in all its grandeur. Let us take a step forward in bringing this dream to life; for only then can we protect our past and shape our future!

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Methodist College
7600 N Academic Dr
IL 61615

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About Methodist College

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