ForældreIntra is a closed system for parents to students in our school

ForældreIntra er en udvidelse af Skoleporten, men i modsætning til de øvrige dele af Skoleporten er ForældreIntra et beskyttet område, hvor kun forældre til elever på skolen har adgang. For at komme ind i ForældreIntra skal brugeren indtaste brugernavn og adgangskode. Ud fra disse oplysninger får brugeren adgang til de relevante områder. Forældre har kun adgang til klassesider, der vedrører de klasser, hvori deres egne børn går. Adgang til ForældreIntra sker via et menupunkt i Skoleportens hovedmenu.

ForældreIntra er et redskab, skolen kan benytte i forbindelse med skolehjemsamarbejdet. Forældre og lærere med adgang til en klasses sider i ForældreIntra kan både hente information om klassen, læse meddelelser til klassen og deltage aktivt med billeder, opslag, beskeder, debatindlæg ol.

Ved første indlogning i ForældreIntra skal forælderen anvende deres brugernavn samt en automatisk genereret førstegangskode. Når førstegangskoden er godkendt ved første indlogning, bliver forældreren sendt videre til en side, hvor han eller hun skal vælge sig en personlig adgangskode, som skal anvendes ved fremtidige besøg i ForældreIntra. Personlige adgangskoder skal bestå af mindst 6 tegn.


You are welcome to download the ForældreIntra guide below if you need a quick introduction on how to get started.

About South Baylo University

An ancient land of knowledge, a kingdom of education and learning, South Baylo University stands proudly by the shores of Anaheim, California.

Where once the sun shone brightly through the windows of classrooms, searing the minds of students with knowledge and wisdom, now lies a kingdom of dreams and ambition. For centuries, this school has been a beacon of learning and opportunity for students seeking to elevate their minds and surpass their potential.

Whether it was to gain the skills to become a surgeon or gain the knowledge needed to break new ground in scientific research, South Baylo University has been a place where those with vision could come to better themselves. It is from here that countless minds have gone on to make great contributions to the world and bring new ideas and perspectives to an ever-changing landscape.

The walls of South Baylo University have seen many great minds pass through them on their way to success. From groundbreaking scientists to renowned medical professionals, the alumni have gone on to make significant advances in their respective fields and help shape our world for the better.

South Baylo University is a place where knowledge is not only taught but shared, where minds are not only sharpened but inspired. It is here where students learn not only from the curriculum but from one another, where discussions can be had around a variety of topics ranging from philosophy to politics.

The halls of South Baylo University are steeped in rich history and tradition, yet they remain open to new ideas and concepts as well. Open to all those who seek knowledge, no matter what background or beliefs they may have. Here you can come as you are and leave with the skills and knowledge needed to make a difference in your life and those around you.

If you're looking for a place that can help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, then look no further than South Baylo University. Take the first step today and see what great things await you!

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Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About South Baylo University

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