ForældreIntra is a closed system for parents to students in our school

ForældreIntra er en udvidelse af Skoleporten, men i modsætning til de øvrige dele af Skoleporten er ForældreIntra et beskyttet område, hvor kun forældre til elever på skolen har adgang. For at komme ind i ForældreIntra skal brugeren indtaste brugernavn og adgangskode. Ud fra disse oplysninger får brugeren adgang til de relevante områder. Forældre har kun adgang til klassesider, der vedrører de klasser, hvori deres egne børn går. Adgang til ForældreIntra sker via et menupunkt i Skoleportens hovedmenu.

ForældreIntra er et redskab, skolen kan benytte i forbindelse med skolehjemsamarbejdet. Forældre og lærere med adgang til en klasses sider i ForældreIntra kan både hente information om klassen, læse meddelelser til klassen og deltage aktivt med billeder, opslag, beskeder, debatindlæg ol.

Ved første indlogning i ForældreIntra skal forælderen anvende deres brugernavn samt en automatisk genereret førstegangskode. Når førstegangskoden er godkendt ved første indlogning, bliver forældreren sendt videre til en side, hvor han eller hun skal vælge sig en personlig adgangskode, som skal anvendes ved fremtidige besøg i ForældreIntra. Personlige adgangskoder skal bestå af mindst 6 tegn.


You are welcome to download the ForældreIntra guide below if you need a quick introduction on how to get started.

About South Mountain Community College

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom called Phoenix, the people of Arizona were blessed with a great and wondrous institution: the South Mountain Community College. Situated at 7050 South 24th Street, this grand school forges countless noble scholars and careers with the power of knowledge and skill.

The college stands as a fortified beacon of light and hope for Arizona’s students. South Mountain Community College encourages citizens from all walks of life to pursue their passions and climb towards greatness. It holds endless opportunities for young minds to explore their options, from vocational to academic programs, from applied science to fine arts.

The college has served students since its inception in 1970, preparing them for a brighter tomorrow through its abundant resources. Students begin their journey well advised; South Mountain Community College maintains a stellar staff of instructors and counselors who provide support every step of the way. They strive to assist in planning out one’s career path, whether it be in business, health sciences, artistry, innovation or something unique. The college also offers a safe environment where students can bring forth ideas of their own and flourish as they grow in their studies.

It is no surprise that South Mountain Community College has become one of the premier schools in the realm of higher education. As it continues to add new courses of study and foster future minds, many prospective students find themselves inspired to discover what this school can offer them.

This college is not just a place for learning and growing; it is also a place of celebration. Because of its commitment to student wellbeing, South Mountain Community College has much to offer in terms of culture and entertainment. There are concerts, theatre productions and special events to enjoy year-round, providing an atmosphere that is both stimulating and enjoyable.

South Mountain Community College stands as an enlightening sanctuary within the kingdom of Phoenix. With its outstanding staff and expanses of opportunity, it is sure to keep up these timeless standards of higher learning for generations to come. Now that you know what a fine institution this is, make your dreams come true - explore South Mountain Community College today!

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South Mountain Community College
7050 S 24th St
AZ 85042

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Basismodule for employees of the school.

About South Mountain Community College

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