LærerIntra is a web-based program for handling daily routines for teaching

LærerIntra er et lukket forum, hvor skolens personale og medarbejdere har adgang til vigtige oplysninger og værktøjer. I LærerIntra ligger informationerne kun ét sted – og det er nemt at styre, hvem der har adgang til hvad. Med andre ord fungerer LærerIntra som en slags intranet eller medarbejderportal.

LærerIntra er et forum for samarbejde og udvikling for skolens personale. Desuden er det en hjælp i planlægning og koordinering af undervisningen og de øvrige aktiviteter på skolen.

LærerIntra er netbaseret og derfor altid tilgængelig. LærerIntra hjælper med, at få alle aftaler om arrangementer, reservationer af lokaler og udstyr, vikarplaner, oplysninger om gældende praksis, materialeoversigter, kursustilmeldinger og meget mere samlet ét sted.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

About Wesleyan College

Amongst the many cherished establishments of Macon, Georgia, none can compare to the majesty of Wesleyan College. Founded in 1836, Wesleyan is the oldest college in the United States that was founded by a woman. For over a hundred and eighty years this grand institution has brought knowledge and opportunity to those who seek it.

An imposing stone edifice, located on Forsyth Road, is home to this noble college. A sight to behold in the morning light, it stands in majestic splendor, a testament to the years of hard work and dedication of countless students and faculty alike. Inside its walls, a rich and vibrant culture can be found.

One can find an array of activities to take part in at the college. Whether it be joining one of its many organizations or participating in intramural sports, there is something for everyone at Wesleyan. An education at this school has served as a springboard for many successful careers. From doctors to lawyers, entrepreneurs to business leaders, Wesleyan has been an influential part of so many lives.

In addition to its academic excellence, Wesleyan College places a high value on its cultural programs. Its art shows and concerts draw talent from across the nation, while its theater productions are regularly met with great critical acclaim. It also hosts a variety of educational workshops and lectures with some of the leading minds in their fields.

The spirit of Wesleyan College is one that has been carried on for generations; one of progress and understanding. Its students do not only learn from their textbooks; here they learn from one another. They share ideas and create new ones; they foster relationships that will last long after they leave these hallowed walls.

For those who seek a place to grow and develop their passions, there is no better place than Wesleyan College. From the first step through its doors until their last, students will find themselves immersed in an environment built for success. Come join us at 4760 Forsyth Rd for a glimpse into what makes this amazing school so great and take part in shaping its future!

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Wesleyan College
4760 Forsyth Rd
GA 31210