LærerIntra is a web-based program for handling daily routines for teaching

LærerIntra er et lukket forum, hvor skolens personale og medarbejdere har adgang til vigtige oplysninger og værktøjer. I LærerIntra ligger informationerne kun ét sted – og det er nemt at styre, hvem der har adgang til hvad. Med andre ord fungerer LærerIntra som en slags intranet eller medarbejderportal.

LærerIntra er et forum for samarbejde og udvikling for skolens personale. Desuden er det en hjælp i planlægning og koordinering af undervisningen og de øvrige aktiviteter på skolen.

LærerIntra er netbaseret og derfor altid tilgængelig. LærerIntra hjælper med, at få alle aftaler om arrangementer, reservationer af lokaler og udstyr, vikarplaner, oplysninger om gældende praksis, materialeoversigter, kursustilmeldinger og meget mere samlet ét sted.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

About Whitworth University

Alas, might I declare vaunt For Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, in the US, a state so grand 'Tis an institution to marvel 'pon and praise with great demand

The halls of knowledge and discovery 'pon this campus abound Where students can learn and grow within an atmosphere so sound The grounds infused with beauty, the people kind and fair Providing an education that few can compare

The staff, oh so diligent, eager students to edify Always kind and generous, ever seeking the highest high 'Tis a place of learning and growth, where knowledge never runs dry Where students may explore, discover new dreams and take flight

The academic advancement of the school doth soar From Philosophy to Art, to Accounting and more With thirty four majors for students to explore And a faculty lead by wisdom and poise galore

Alas, this institution has much to offer, without fail Whether it be their dedication to service or their commitment to excel A bridge between education and life in which to entwine and vast experiences all can hail Preparing students for life's journey with power that shall prevail

Renowned excellence in education is what Whitworth University brings Developing world-wise citizens through knowledge as they learn and sing Success stories where students have gone on to soar awe-inspiring wings! Leaders among us, championing what Whitworth holds dear - wisdom that doth ring!

So let us marvel upon this wonderous institution true blue A place where visionary minds come alive and dreams come true. Take a tour today and find out for yourself what Whitworth can offer you!

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Whitworth University
300 W Hawthorne Rd
WA 99251