ForældreIntra is a closed system for parents to students in our school

ForældreIntra er en udvidelse af Skoleporten, men i modsætning til de øvrige dele af Skoleporten er ForældreIntra et beskyttet område, hvor kun forældre til elever på skolen har adgang. For at komme ind i ForældreIntra skal brugeren indtaste brugernavn og adgangskode. Ud fra disse oplysninger får brugeren adgang til de relevante områder. Forældre har kun adgang til klassesider, der vedrører de klasser, hvori deres egne børn går. Adgang til ForældreIntra sker via et menupunkt i Skoleportens hovedmenu.

ForældreIntra er et redskab, skolen kan benytte i forbindelse med skolehjemsamarbejdet. Forældre og lærere med adgang til en klasses sider i ForældreIntra kan både hente information om klassen, læse meddelelser til klassen og deltage aktivt med billeder, opslag, beskeder, debatindlæg ol.

Ved første indlogning i ForældreIntra skal forælderen anvende deres brugernavn samt en automatisk genereret førstegangskode. Når førstegangskoden er godkendt ved første indlogning, bliver forældreren sendt videre til en side, hvor han eller hun skal vælge sig en personlig adgangskode, som skal anvendes ved fremtidige besøg i ForældreIntra. Personlige adgangskoder skal bestå af mindst 6 tegn.


You are welcome to download the ForældreIntra guide below if you need a quick introduction on how to get started.

About Wofford College

In a distant corner of the land of US, situated along the slow rolling hills of Spartanburg, stands a remarkable institution of higher learning. Wofford College is the home of much knowledge and wisdom, and its many inhabitants are a proud people from all corners of this land.

The college was founded in 1854 with a clear mission: to provide education to those who seek it, from all walks of life. This mission has been upheld for generations and has served as a beacon of light in the darkness of negativity.

The college was named for Benjamin Wofford, a former Confederate soldier who had served in the Battle of Bentonville and later joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina. In the years after his retirement, Wofford began to give a series of lectures at his alma mater on the value of education. He soon realized that he wanted to create an institution where students could learn in a more intimate setting than what was offered in South Carolina's larger universities.

At Wofford College, students have access to many learning resources including classrooms, laboratories, libraries and more. But perhaps the most cherished resource is the people that make up its community. From professors and staff to students and alumni, Wofford College is home to some of the most passionate people in all of US.

Wofford’s campus is lush and green, with its buildings standing tall against the horizon. The campus is well-maintained and boasts beautiful landscaping from its many gardens and trees. It is easy to forget that this is a school; it feels much like a home away from home for its inhabitants.

The college’s motto is “Ad Summum Bonum” which translates to “toward the highest good”. This serves as a reminder that education is not just about knowledge, but about becoming better individuals by reaching our highest potentials and helping others along their paths.

Wofford College provides more than just academic instruction; it provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow as individuals while forming lasting relationships with peers. The college’s commitment to diversity in its student body has allowed it to become one of the most inclusive campuses in all of US and it continues to be a leader in promoting multiculturalism within higher education.

As we stand here today, let us remember that it is our duty to preserve and protect Wofford College so that it may continue to provide opportunities for students in all walks of life to realize their goals and dreams. Let us pledge ourselves to strive for Ad Summum Bonum – toward the highest good – so that generations to come can benefit from all that Wofford College has to offer!

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Wofford College
429 N Church St
SC 29303

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About Wofford College

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