Happy and Organized: The Benefits of a Family Calendar

Happy and Organized: The Benefits of a Family Calendar

Oh, wondrous calendar! How thou canst bring together a family’s busy lives, help them to organise and stay ahead of the day’s events! What joy and delight it can bring to a family who adopts such a rhythms, marking the days and weeks ahead with a schedule of moments, meetings, meals and merry-makings.

To have in thy hands the knowledge of what lies ahead is to have a glimpse into the future, where organisation is but the key to success. To have a schedule in place means no double-bookings, no double-handedness and no double-mindedness. With such knowledge in hand, a family can look forward with joy, for what lies ahead will be marked with accuracy, prepared for with diligence, and enjoyed with haste.

A family calendar brings with it many benefits for the family that chooses to use it. From shared reminders for homework due dates or piano lessons to the ever-important dinner plans for when Grandma comes to visit, a family calendar ensures no one is left behind in the journey of planning and organising. It eliminates guesswork, drives productivity and ensures that everyone is kept up to date with what is going on - no more excuses for schoolwork forgotten or dinner not made! A family calendar serves as an ongoing family project - an important bond between all present.

A family calendar can also be used as a tool to teach children about time management. By involving them in the process of recording events on paper or electronically, children learn quickly what the value of time is, as well as how to plan ahead - skills which are sure to benefit them in both their academic pursuits and in life. Additionally, by using a family calendar together, parents have an opportunity to model positive behaviour around planning and schedules too!

But how does one even begin to start? Start small - begin by allocating one or two times each day for check-ins with all members of the family and decide what is going on for each day or week ahead. Focus first on scheduling regular events, such as school days, meals or bedtimes. You can then layer on other activities as you go along - it might be helpful to adjust these based on the season or even just the type of day it is.

Above all else, remember that organisation does not equal perfection! Pressure does not equal productivity - take baby steps towards success and don’t forget to pause and appreciate all that you have achieved so far.

A organised family unit through record-keeping of plans and whereabouts offers rich rewards: flexibility in morning schedule routines; fewer forgotten items forgotten; more meaningful time spent together; understanding of time management skills; preparation for future ‘big projects’; improved organisation in work and home life; enhanced communication between family members - all essential benefits which need not be overlooked.

To put it simply: it’s time to take control over those tasks and events that fill our days with purpose! So goeth forth today and find thy self an effective way of exploring thy family’s future with a family calendar!