About Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (AIOOM) has been providing quality education in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine since 2001. Located on 100 E Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, FL, AIOOM offers a number of health-related degree programs, ranging from one-year certificate programs to four-year doctorates. Students interested in obtaining an AIOOM diploma will study both the foundational concepts of Eastern medicine and the practical application of these principles within the modern world.

The dedicated faculty at AIOOM have a deep understanding and appreciation for the ancient concepts and healing powers of traditional Chinese medicine. The instructors have decades of experience as practitioners themselves and strive to help each student not only learn academic principles, but also to understand the unique Eastern philosophy from which these ideas originated.

Students enrolled in the AIOOM curriculum are exposed to a variety of different Western and Eastern healing techniques. Completion of elective courses allows students to specialize in acupuncture or massage, as well as other modalities such as qigong, meditation, herbs, nutrition, and cupping. The school also provides facilities for supervised clinical training in hospitals and community clinics across South Florida.

AIOOM understands that adequate education cannot be achieved in a classroom alone. As such, they offer a variety of extracurricular activities to enrich the academic experience and provide holistic growth opportunities for their students. From volunteering in a local clinic to enrolling in weekend classes in proper Oriental cooking techniques to participating in tai-chi mornings, students can gain invaluable insight into both their own potential as healers as well as their roles within the community.

The graduates from AIOOM become healers that are well-versed both academically and culturally in their field. They are capable of recognizing how ancient healing methods can be combined with modern practices to help foster wellness in an ever-changing world. Ongoing research initiatives further support these efforts and demonstrate innovation while remaining rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

At AIOOM, individuals can gain the skills necessary to become leaders in their field while also learning how to promote healthy living on an individual and communal level. With its dedication to quality education and determination to impart lasting knowledge, AIOOM is sure to make anyone feeling inspired to delve into a deeper understanding of healing systems around the world.

Whether you’re looking for introductory courses introducing you to the fundamentals of Eastern medicine or you’re pursuing advanced studies for research or professional practice, Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine can be your go-to resource for a holistic education steeped in traditional Chinese medicine. Check out their website today and take the first step towards becoming an expert healer!

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Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
100 E Broward Blvd
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33301

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