About Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah

Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah is an extraordinary school that has been enriching Jewish education in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, and beyond for many years. Located at 101 Milton Street, it is a world-renowned educational institution that has educated and mentored many of the state’s most successful rabbis, scholars, and professionals.

Founded on the principles of traditional rabbinic instruction and interpretation, Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah combines teaching from the Torah with the scientific and technological advances of the modern world. It is devoted to providing its students with a rich and multifaceted education. Through an integrated curriculum taught by outstanding faculty who are experts in their field, the school fosters an environment of learning and spiritual growth. Classroom instruction is bolstered by lectures, study groups, and one-on-one mentoring opportunities. The school also hosts special events throughout the year on topics ranging from religious law to modern issues, as well as offering a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports and debates.

The school has also earned a reputation for its commitment to social justice and tolerance. Through community service projects and discourse on sensitive topics, students are encouraged to think critically and to explore their own beliefs while understanding and respecting those of others. Recent initiatives include campaigns to raise awareness about religious freedom and efforts to promote understanding between different cultures. Mayan Hatorah also runs a variety of student organizations such as Hillel and Zet, which further promote social responsibility.

The administration at Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah is committed to providing its students with a world-class education rooted in Jewish values. From personal interviews with faculty and staff to detailed course descriptions, admissions counselors strive to understand each student's needs in order to match them with the appropriate classes and mentors. In addition, the administration has worked hard for many years to ensure that tuition costs remain affordable.

With its commitment to excellence in education, Mayan Hatorah has been a leader in cultivating a community in which everyone can learn while growing in their beliefs. Through this approach, the school has served as an example of what it means to be a premier Jewish educational institution in the United States. Moreover, by continuing to provide outstanding opportunity for learning alongside social growth, Mayan Hatorah continues to help shape future leaders in our society. If you are passionate about continuing your Jewish education or looking for an institution that is devoted to creating a brighter future for our world, Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah is undoubtedly worth exploring! Take the next step today towards achieving your educational dreams.

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Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah
101 Milton St
Lakewood Township
NJ 08701

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