About Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok

In Monsey, New York, Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok is a premier destination for Jewish studies and religious growth. Located at 85 Dykstras Way E., Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok provides its students with a unique and vibrant academic and religious environment.

This coveted institute was founded in 1988, by the late Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Aaron Bense, who established Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok according to the same Torah teachings which guided him throughout his own education and distinguished rabbinic career. Since that time, the school has become a beacon of Jewish learning for students from around the world.

Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok offers a full course of university-level Talmudic studies with courses that are designed to accommodate different learning abilities and styles. Classes focus on classic Talmud texts, as well as modern topics relating to Jewish law, ethics, philosophy and liturgy. In addition to traditional religious studies, Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok also provides its students with unique opportunities to exercise their natural talents in diverse fields such as accounting, management, marketing and computer science.

The venerable Beth Medrash also has a renowned Chavrusa program dedicated to the development of close One-on-One relationships between mentor and student that focus on the study of sacred texts while helping each Talmid reach their highest level of personal growth. The Chavrusa atmosphere is created with the aim of promoting excellence in learning while challenging each purveyor to think independently and strive for greatness in all aspects of life.

The library at Beth Medrash makes it easy for students to independently research topics and also contains an impressive collection of Judaic literature for them to peruse. Other valuable compendiums include works by classic rabbinic authors like Abravanel and Hizkuni which are available in both English translations, as well as the original Hebrew or Aramaic versions.

Aside from the remarkable study opportunities offered by them, what truly sets Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok apart is its dedicated staff who take great pride in supporting their students on their journeys of spiritual exploration. Time is taken not only to teach and mentor one-on-one; Monsey’s premier institute also allows for students to interact with each other in meaningful ways like participating in social lectures, hosting educational conventions, or taking part in student-led after-school clubs.

No matter what your background or experience level may be, Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok awaits you with an inviting atmosphere driven towards creative thought and inspired learning. Make your way today to 85 Dykrstras Way E in Monsey, New York and explore one of American Judaism’s best kept secrets. Take the first step on your journey of spiritual progress at Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok today!

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Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok
85 Dykstras Way E
NY 10952

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