At Casal Aveda Institute we're using ElevIntra for all our students

ElevIntra er et lukket netværk for skolens elever. Eleverne har adgang til elevintranettet via skolens lokalnet og via internettet.

Elevernes intranet rummer tre hovedområder:
  • En informationsdel, der giver skolens elever adgang til mange informationer om skolen. Mange af de oplysninger, som lærerne vedligeholder i LærerIntra, bliver automatisk offentliggjort i tillempet form på elevintranettet. Det gælder fx oplysninger om dagens aktiviteter, skemaændringer, ugebreve, linksamlinger, kontaktoplysninger mm.
  • ElevIntra rummer endvidere et virtuelt læringsrum, der består af en række ’værksteder’. Der er bl.a. web-aviser, webside, anmelderbaser, spørgeskema, multiple-choise test og digitale udstillingsrum.
  • Derudover tilbyder ElevIntra moduler til kommunikation, evaluering og arkivering.


If you need a guide on how to get started with ElevIntra then we'll recommend document below.
Download guide for ElevIntra

About Casal Aveda Institute

Welcome to Casal Aveda Institute, Eastwood Mall's premier beauty school, located in the heart of Niles, Ohio in the bustling Youngstown Warren Rd complex. This world-class beauty institution provides training that is unparalleled in the beauty industry, offering a complete and comprehensive education in hair styling, cosmetology, esthetics and makeup artistry. For those looking to make a career change or hone their current beauty skills, Casal Aveda Institute is the perfect place to do so.

At Casal Aveda Institute, the focus is on creating an empowering learning environment and providing students with hands-on experience that can be taken out into the working world. All instructors are professionals in their respective fields, teaching students the best ways to create stunning looks for any occasion. From teaching proper makeup application techniques to highlighting and cutting hair, instructors ensure everyone graduates with the skills necessary to start a successful career in the beauty industry.

What makes Casal Aveda Institute truly unique is the use of environmentally sustainable practices throughout the program’s offerings. All haircare products used are certified organic and cruelty-free, with no harsh chemicals or toxins used during treatments. Same goes for the esthetics laboratory, where students learn about skincare treatments with natural products. This commitment to ethical beauty practices is reflected in all of its courses as well, making it possible for graduates to care for their clients while also preserving the environment.

In addition to providing a stellar learning environment and nature-friendly practice, Casal Aveda Institute also offers its students top-notch basic amenities such as complimentary meals and snacks during classes, modern classrooms equipped with all the latest technology, and access to its state-of-the-art student salon where students can practice their skills on real clients in a professional atmosphere.

By making it its mission to provide at-risk youth around Niles with an opportunity to learn valuable marketable skills, this beauty school uses its resources to give these individuals the tools they need to make their dreams come true. By teaching them more than just how to create flawless looks but also valuable life-long lessons such as communication skills and ethics, Casal Aveda Institute strives to create a world where all beauty professionals are held to the same high standards it sets for itself.

Whether you’re looking for a complete education in cosmetology or just want to brush up on your makeup techniques, Casal Aveda Institute will provide you with all the knowledge and resources you need to make your mark in the beauty field without compromising your values or putting our planet at risk. Take your dream of becoming a professional in the beauty industry into your own hands and enroll at Casal Aveda Institute today!

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Casal Aveda Institute
Eastwood Mall Complex
5555 Youngstown Warren Rd Unit 606
OH 44446

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About Casal Aveda Institute

Read a bit more about Casal Aveda Institute.