About Columbia College of Nursing

Columbia College of Nursing is a renowned higher education institution located in Glendale, WI. Its mission is to provide evidence-based nursing practice that advances healthcare quality, enhances the professional practice environment, and increases the capabilities of nurses. The college boasts a dedicated and experienced faculty and staff, along with innovative programs and offerings, attractive campus amenities, and world-class facilities.

For prospective students interested in nursing studies, Columbia College of Nursing is an ideal choice. The college offers two program opportunities: a traditional bachelor's degree in nursing and an accelerated second degree in nursing. With rigorous academics, hands-on clinical training, updated laboratory and simulation experiences, and expertise from faculty, Columbia College of Nursing ensures that its students gain the skills necessary to become successful nurses.

The traditional bachelor’s degree program includes more than 80 credits spread over four full-time semesters. During this program, students cover topics such as professional nursing concepts, pharmacology, health assessment, medical-surgical nursing, management and leadership roles in healthcare, mental health concepts and management of psychiatric care, informatics applications related to patient outcomes and safety improvement, nursing research processes and applications related to evidence-based practice outcomes, nutrition and physical assessment as they relate to health promotion and disease prevention across the lifespan.

The accelerated second degree program also provides critical content in areas such as biology and physiology for applicants who may have strong backgrounds in other healthcare disciplines without any prior nursing training. The curriculum has a streamlined format within nine semesters and allows for credit transfers when appropriate to reduce cost.

In a commitment to promoting excellence in health care, Columbia College of Nursing offers scholarship opportunities for both incoming and current students. In addition to offering campus housing along with access to student convenience stores, computer labs and an outpatient clinic, the college also maintains student resources such as a library full of books and articles related to nursing. The college also provides career opportunities by assisting students in job search activities through its student career services department.

Connecting with communities while supporting service-learning initiatives has been another initiative at Columbia College of Nursing. Through partnerships with state agencies and local hospitals, the college involves faculty, staff, and students in service learning projects to benefit communities by providing free health screenings or offering food drives.

At Columbia College of Nursing, excellence is driven by serving others with compassion, respect and resilience. With dedicated faculty members who are focused on empowering students through education, research projects that focus on health outcomes improvement initiatives across the lifespan, outreach efforts that make meaningful contributions to the community through learning experiences informed by evidence-based practice standards – Columbia College of Nursing stands as a leader in nursing education today. The college offers an engaging educational experience enabling students to reach their full potential – so take the opportunity today for educational excellence!

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Columbia College of Nursing
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