About Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program

The Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program provides a quality practical nursing education at 5 Boces Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA. With its excellent staff and modern facilities, students can expect to be well-prepared for the national and state licensure exams thanks to their rigorous study.

The program itself takes place over a two-year period and consists of both in-classroom and clinical experience. During the first year of the program, students will develop the knowledge base necessary to practice as a licensed practical nurse. This includes learning basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, nutrition, communication and therapeutic procedures. Students are also given instruction in medical-surgical theories as well as pharmacology and basic gerontology.

During the second year of the program, students are taught more advanced skills such as IV therapy, catheterization and tracheostomy care. They also get supervised clinical rotations at area healthcare agencies where they will gain hands-on experience in patient care. Upon completing the second year, students are prepared to take the state licensure exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

The faculty at Dutchess BOCES is outstanding, providing students with knowledgeable instructors and adjunct instructors oftentimes coming directly from nursing backgrounds themselves. They also make sure to foster an encouraging learning environment within their classrooms. This allows students to feel comfortable with inquiring about topics or areas of difficulty.

One of the unique ways Dutchess BOCES provides an uptop educational experience is through their technological resources. Alongside traditional class instruction materials such as textbooks and lecture slideshows, this program has access to online resources such as online libraries and multimedia classrooms. This allows them to have lectures available whenever is convenient for students, both inside and outside of the classroom while giving them access to materials they may not have yet been exposed to in the lecture hall itself.

Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program offers the whole package when it comes to providing quality nursing education. Great faculty, modern resources and hands-on practical experience ensures that their students can gain the knowledge needed to become successful nurses either through furthering their education or taking up work opportunities. So if you’re looking for a practical nursing program with top quality resources housed in a supportive environment in which to pursue your dreams of becoming an LPN then Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program is where you should start! Enroll today for an educational experience that could transform your career!

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Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program
5 Boces Rd
NY 12601

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