Escondido Kids' Club

Escondido Kids' Club is a point of interest in Stanford, CA that parents and children alike should be aware of. Located at 890 Escondido Rd, The Escondido Kids' Club provides a safe, educational and fun environment for kids to learn, explore, and grow.

The Club offers a variety of activities and programs tailored to each age group. There are classes in art, music, literature, science, technology and more. The Club also offers special events, workshops and camps throughout the year.

The staff at Escondido Kids' Club are friendly, knowledgeable and committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for kids. They understand the importance of providing children with a positive self-image and help them to feel appreciated, respected and valued.

Escondido Kids' Club is the perfect place for parents to bring their children for an enjoyable and educational experience. From classes to events and camps, there's something for everyone at Escondido Kids' Club.

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890 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305, USA