About Georgia Military College - Madison

You’ve heard the tales of the Georgia Military College – Madison, the esteemed military school found in the heart of Madison, GA. Is it mere myth or does the college truly exemplify a pinnacle of educational excellence? With a rich history and tradition spanning over two centuries of training students for success, it’s clear that Georgia Military College – Madison has earned its reputation as a revered collegiate institution.

At its inception in 1879, Georgia Military College – Madison was founded to provide preparation for the physical, mental and moral aspects of higher education. Trainees learned to develop a sense of responsibility, honor and service which was essential for success in battle. The college soon established its own uniform pattern which was adhered to by all students, creating an air of pride, order and unity.

Today, this revered institution has evolved into a beacon of academic excellence, offering a range of courses designed to promote leadership and service. All coursework is rigorous, requiring cadets to demonstrate excellent study habits and mental discipline in order to excel. They are also taught skills necessary for professional success, such as sound judgement, strategic thinking and a spirit of collaboration. Through its extensive alumni network, Georgia Military College – Madison offers students access to strong resources which help them gain invaluable real-world experience.

What makes this college stand out is its progressive approach - in addition to academic excellence, our students are encouraged to explore their interests and cultivate their passions. This is why so many successful military officials and community leaders have come from this prestigious school. Whether it be sports teams or academic-related clubs and activities, our students are encouraged to engage with their interests outside of the classroom in order to develop a sense of personal growth.

At Georgia Military College – Madison, our commitment is not only towards fostering exceptional academic achievement but also towards shaping strong leaders and productive citizens who will make a positive difference in the world. We work hard to ensure that our students receive an unparalleled learning experience — one which enables them to utilize the skills they have acquired during their time here and apply them in the world beyond.

If you are looking for an educational establishment that provides both exceptional academics and an emphasis on character development and service, look no further than Georgia Military College – Madison. It’s time for you to take the next step on your educational journey! Apply now and make your aspirations come true!

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Georgia Military College - Madison
235 S Main St
GA 30650
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