SkoleIntra is a school platform.

  • PersonaleIntra – et lukket intranet for skolens medarbejdere, hvor de finder vigtige oplysninger, resourcer og værktøjer.
  • ElevIntra – elevernes portal til information om undervisningen samt en række pædagogiske elementer.
  • ForældreIntra – informations- og kommunikationssystem mellem skole og hjem.
  • Skoleporten – skolens officielle hjemmeside og ansigt ud mod offentligheden.
  • InfoKiosk – bruges til at vise information som f.eks. dagens aktiviteter, nyheder og skemaændringer på skolens informationsskærme.
  • SMS-modul – giver mulighed for at sende SMS'er til forældre, lærere og elever.

About Gyvelhøjskolen

Read a bit more about Gyvelhøjskolen.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About Gyvelhøjskolen

Gyvelhøjskolen is an enchanting school with a long and illustrious history, located in the charming town of Galten at Røddikvej 20. Founded over four centuries ago, Gyvelhøjskolen has earned quite a reputation for its magical teaching methods and wonderful opportunities for students to learn and grow.

At Gyvelhøjskolen, you’ll find a family-like atmosphere, where teachers and staff are as warm and welcoming as the sun in a spring morning. The school is organized in a way that allows students to feel comfortable, safe and supported all the time. We have a range of classes and activities for all ages, from pre-school to university-level courses. These classes are designed to help each individual student reach their potential, while also preparing them for their future lives.

In addition to academics, the school also offers plenty of extracurricular activities that allow students to explore their creativity and develop skills in music, art, drama, sports, cooking and much more. Our talented faculty works hard to ensure that students have the best possible experience by organizing events like talent shows, inter-school tournaments, field trips and other exciting activities that bring everyone together.

But Gyvelhøjskolen isn’t just about academics and extracurricular pursuits– it’s also about creating a sense of community. We offer plenty of ways for students to socialize and make friends, including student groups and clubs, after-school activities, and annual events like the Summer Festival.

At Gyvelhøjskolen we believe that every student deserves an excellent education– and an unforgettable experience! So come join us today and unlock your magical potential!

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Røddikvej 20
8464 Galten