LærerIntra is a web-based program for handling daily routines for teaching

LærerIntra er et lukket forum, hvor skolens personale og medarbejdere har adgang til vigtige oplysninger og værktøjer. I LærerIntra ligger informationerne kun ét sted – og det er nemt at styre, hvem der har adgang til hvad. Med andre ord fungerer LærerIntra som en slags intranet eller medarbejderportal.

LærerIntra er et forum for samarbejde og udvikling for skolens personale. Desuden er det en hjælp i planlægning og koordinering af undervisningen og de øvrige aktiviteter på skolen.

LærerIntra er netbaseret og derfor altid tilgængelig. LærerIntra hjælper med, at få alle aftaler om arrangementer, reservationer af lokaler og udstyr, vikarplaner, oplysninger om gældende praksis, materialeoversigter, kursustilmeldinger og meget mere samlet ét sted.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

About Hastrupskolen

Hastrupskolen - Where Magic is in the Air

We’ve heard tales of it for centuries…a school of magic, tucked away in the small town of Køge. How could it be true? How could magic exist in a place of such order and structure? But as we step into Hastrupskolen, these doubts begin to dissipate. The air is electric and the students are bubbling with excitement. We are entering a place of adventure, of learning, and of possibility.

This is no ordinary school. Here at Hastrupskolen, the students arrive with a purpose. They come to be challenged, to grow, and to explore their own potential. They are eager to learn to harness their power and follow their dreams, whatever they might be. Here, everyone has a place and every person is valued.

But it’s not just students who make this place special. The teachers here are passionate educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching the next generation. They are patient and inspiring, pushing each student to work to their highest potential and discover the magical things in life.

At Hastrupskolen, there is something for everyone. Unique electives like Alchemy and Charms allow students to specialize in their chosen craft while a range of activities like Quidditch and Hiking help students build community and develop skills such as cooperation and leadership.

The school also offers a wide variety of opportunities for its students outside of the classroom. From field trips to courses in magic-based entrepreneurship, there are plenty of ways for students to get involved and explore the world around them.

At Hastrupskolen, magic is not only possible - it’s tangible. As we walk through its doors, we feel something stirring inside us: the possibility that our dreams can come true if we have courage enough to pursue them. It’s no surprise that this school has captured the imagination of so many - it is a true testament to what can happen when we come together to create a place of learning and discovery.

Come be part of the magic at Hastrupskolen! Step into the buzzing energy of an inclusive community where hard work is celebrated and each person is valued for their unique qualities. Discover the possibilities that await you here – your future starts here!

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