About Hawaii Medical College

Hawaii Medical College is one of the few institutions for higher learning at 1221 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA in the United States of America. This college has been nurturing young minds and hearts since 1998, offering a comprehensive program for aspiring medical and health sciences professionals.

As a student at Hawaii Medical College, you will have access to a unique curriculum and quality education that focuses on developing a strong foundation in the medical field while allowing you to venture out into other specialties. Our broad scope curriculum covers diverse areas such as pre-clinical sciences, clinical sciences, lab technology, and health informatics. Our courses are led by expert faculty and staff who bring not only knowledge and experience to the classroom but also a passion for helping students reach their academic and professional goals.

We emphasize hands-on learning and practical experience which makes our students well prepared to enter the medical field as confident professionals. Our strong emphasis on research training also helps students discover their own interests and develop their skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and data analysis. With our commitment to provide a well rounded medical education, our graduates are highly sought-after for positions around the world.

We nurture our student’s growth with modern resources that give them access to the latest technologies in healthcare. Our library is equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure an immersive learning experience and provide the best support for our students’ academic success. From laboratory research to simulations, we make sure our students can gain as much insight into the medical profession as possible before they join the workforce.

At Hawaii Medical College, we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students while making sure they get the best education available in Hawaii. We strive to empower our students to achieve their full potential in medicine and health sciences so they can make meaningful contributions to society.

Explore the countless opportunities at Hawaii Medical College today! With its commitment to excellence, this institution can help you reach your dreams of becoming a top-notch health professional. Take the first step now and unlock your potential—enroll at Hawaii Medical College!

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Hawaii Medical College
1221 Kapiolani Blvd Suite #102
HI 96814
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