About Humacao Community College

Welcome to Humacao Community College, an institution of learning with a mission to empower Puerto Rico's next generation. Established in 1957, Humacao Community College is truly the heart of educational excellence.

Set in the bayside city of Humacao, students can experience a life of wonder and exploration amidst a rich cultural heritage. With nearly 4000 students attending each year, the college proudly serves its diverse population with an impressive variety of academic programs.

At Humacao Community College, you’ll discover an extraordinary blend of people, places, and programs — all designed to help you make the most of your college experience. From world-class entertainment and recreational activities to internships and research opportunities, the college offers a vibrant campus lifestyle rooted in progress and innovation.

Students are free to explore a wide range of degree programs, from accounting and business administration to public health and technology. They can also take advantage of many campus resources, such as student clubs and organizations, study abroad opportunities, and library services.

Humacao Community College prides itself on providing exceptional educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom. In addition to its traditional academic offerings, the college also features a wide selection of educational resources and workshops. These include extracurricular activities, field trips and visits to local campuses, as well as career-focused initiatives such as job fairs and internships.

On top of all this, Humacao Community College remains dedicated to its founding principle of providing access to quality education for all students. The college works hard to encourage social progress and development while providing an enriching collegiate experience for everyone.

The culture of excellence at Humacao Community College is fueled by vibrant faculty members and empowered staff who work together to help guide students towards their futures. From Building Carousel Internships to Workforce Development Days, the college covers all aspects of fostering personal growth while advancing professional success.

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s leaders, which is why Humacao Community College works diligently to cultivate meaningful connections between its students and the community at large. Join the Humacao Community College family today and discover how you can transform what you learn into a passion for life!

Take the next step towards your future at Humacao Community College today!

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Humacao Community College
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Puerto Rico
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