About Hyllehøjskolen

Welcome to Hyllehøjskolen, the most magical school in null!

It has been decades since wizards and witches first gathered here at Hyllehøjvej 19 to learn the secrets of magic. But the magic is still alive and well today, drawing in visitors from near and far, who come to join in on the fun and education of this unique school.

For those interested in attending Hyllehøjskolen, be prepared for an extraordinary adventure! Whether you are a first-time student, excitable newbie, or returning veteran, you can expect to find a magical world in which academic excellence and creative exploration intertwine.

The stunning campus of Hyllehøjskolen will leave you spellbound. Across its many sprawling grounds, you will stumble upon hidden meadows and wooded trails, where curious creatures such as dragons and phoenixes are known to keep watch over the grounds. There is also a delightful array of magical creatures that live within the school grounds - from centaurs to unicorns, trolls to fairies - the possibilities are endless!

Then of course, there are the lessons. The striking hallways of Hyllehøjskolen will take you on a journey into the unknown corners of magic – lessons in levitation and wand combat, as well as enchanting classes such as Charms and Potions. And don’t forget about all the other thrilling activities available to young magicians – from Quidditch matches on giant broomsticks to friendly duels in the restricted section of the library.

No matter what stage of your magical journey you’re at, Hyllehøjskolen is primed and ready to become your exciting new adventure. So what are you waiting for? Transform your life today with a visit to this enchanting school!

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Hyllehøjvej 19
5500 Middelfart

Playgrounds near Hyllehøjskolen

Havegyden 14
Legeplads #1
Skrillingevej 23

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