Aula is a closed area for parents of students at the school

Aula is an extension of the School Gate, but unlike the other parts of the School Gate, Aula is a protected area where only parents of students at the school have access. To enter the Aula, the user must enter the username and password. Based on this information, the user is given access to the relevant areas. Parents only have access to class pages that relate to the classes in which their own children attend. Aula is accessed via a menu item in the School Gate's main menu.

Aula is a tool that the school can use in connection with school homework. Parents and teachers with access to a class's pages in Aula can both retrieve information about the class, read messages to the class and participate actively with pictures, messages, messages, discussion posts, etc.

When first logging into Aula, the parent must use their username as well as an automatically generated first passcode. Once the first passcode is approved upon first login, the parent is redirected to a page where he or she must choose a personal password to use for future visits to Aula. Personal passwords must be at least 6 characters long.


You can download the guide below for Aula if you need a quick introduction to how to get started.
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About Kirke-Helsinge Skole

Church Helsinge School Skolegade 13, Kirke Helsinge 4281 Gørlev Tel. : 59535210 Mail: SFO 1 and 5'lings tel: 51 54 61 26

SFO Klub tel: 51 54 61 27

Class steps and tracks The school is a municipal primary school in Kalundborg municipality with students from bra. class to 9th grade. The school is a 1 track school. Students are offered the 10th grade in Kalundborg and Høng

Offer by school time The school is linked to a school-free scheme. Students can go to SFO 1 from bra. pm. - 3rd grade, and in SFO 2 (Yo-yoen) from 4th to 6th grade. In addition, there is a daycare offer for SFO for the 5-year-old children who have to start in kindergarten classes the following year.

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Kirke-Helsinge Skole
Skolegade 13
4281 Gørlev

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.