SkoleIntra is a school platform.

  • PersonaleIntra – et lukket intranet for skolens medarbejdere, hvor de finder vigtige oplysninger, resourcer og værktøjer.
  • ElevIntra – elevernes portal til information om undervisningen samt en række pædagogiske elementer.
  • ForældreIntra – informations- og kommunikationssystem mellem skole og hjem.
  • Skoleporten – skolens officielle hjemmeside og ansigt ud mod offentligheden.
  • InfoKiosk – bruges til at vise information som f.eks. dagens aktiviteter, nyheder og skemaændringer på skolens informationsskærme.
  • SMS-modul – giver mulighed for at sende SMS'er til forældre, lærere og elever.

About Kristrup Skole

Read a bit more about Kristrup Skole.

What is ElevIntra?

Portal for students with information about education and a lot of other tools.

What is ForældreIntra?

Information- and communicationsystem for parents.

What is LærerIntra?

Basismodule for employees of the school.

About Kristrup Skole

General about Kristrup School Kristrup School is a great place to be and a good place to learn!

IMPORTANT: Kristrup School is located in the southeastern Randers district; Kristrup. Our school area is large and we have students with many different backgrounds.

The school changed its grade in August 2015. From being a traditional 0.-9. class school, by a major restructuring in the school area of ​​Randers municipality, we were transformed into a school exclusively for pupils in primary and secondary school. We now have 4 tracks on each year in the general area and two special classes for students with specific difficulties as well as a large SFO and leisure club. Looking forward, our focus will be to specialize in making good school for the youngest students.

OBJECTIVES: A good school start is essential for a good further school and education process, and thus for the opportunities you get in your adult life. We will therefore endeavor to create a safe school start with the greatest possible connection between day care and school and a high degree of parenting. In addition, we will ensure that all our students through versatile and goal-based teaching achieve as high a professional level as possible before continuing at the upper secondary school. Everyone must be as skilled as they can, both professionally and socially.

CULTURE: All classes are from this school year newly created. They are mixed by students from two neighboring schools. All vintage teams are new, composed of teachers and educators from different cultures. Similarly, the management team and the board are new.

Among other things

Vision "Happy children learn best"

We will create lively and curious all people with courage on life and want to learn.

Kristrup School has high professionalism and each student is challenged optimally in each subject. The school has space and space for creativity and diversity. Kristrup School creates a strong foundation for lifelong learning and development, where the children maintain motivation and joy from the first day of school. At school everyone is a part of the community and thrives. At Kristrup School, one can make mistakes because there is mutual recognition and respect. Kristrup School is an active participant in the local community and a model for other schools.

High professionalism / learning

Focus on creating an environment that promotes high professionalism and learning, where students learn as much as possible and challenge where they are.

Creativity and diversity

Different types of learning and variation in teaching methods. Diversity is a force in which the diversity is exploited both professionally and socially. The school embraces creativity and the students explore and experiment in the individual subjects.


The motivation is created through a positive and recognizable environment as well as challenging teaching that makes sense for the individual student.


It is everyone's responsibility to create a good school, where everyone is respected and everyone feels that they are an important part of the school.

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Kristrup Skole
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