About LaSalle Tech

LaSalle Tech was once a forgotten school tucked away in the corner of Howard Ave, in the heart of the US. Little did anyone know, this school had something special bubbling beneath its surface - a secret waiting to be unleashed on the world.

One day, a mysterious and enigmatic figure appeared, adorned in a black cloak and waving a magical wand. He introduced himself as Master Eric LaSalle and told the people of Howard Ave that he was here to bring magic to their school.

Within days of his arrival, LaSalle Tech had been transformed from a run-down has-been school into an innovative center for learning and exploration. The students began to take classes in the magical arts - learning spells, potions and charms along with math, English and science.

Master LaSalle also installed a library of magical tomes – books on all kinds of magical creatures and objects, from trolls to dragons and from flying carpets to giant talking mirrors. He taught the students how to use these objects and creatures to solve problems, protect their community and even perform acts of heroism.

The students flourished under Master LaSalle’s tutelage. They discovered their own hidden talents – some were able to conjure storms, others became masterful illusionists. Many found themselves developing extraordinary powers – one student even gained the ability to communicate with animals!

But LaSalle Tech wasn’t just about becoming a wizard or witch – it was also about discovering yourself as a person. Students were encouraged to take part in all kinds of activities – theater classes, sports teams, clubs and more. They learned not only how to be team players, but also about understanding different cultures, developing respect for their peers and being kind to others.

With Master LaSalle at the helm, LaSalle Tech became a school respected not just locally but around the world. It is now one of the most elite institutions in the US - admired for its teachings and achievements in both magical and non-magical disciplines.

If you are looking for an educational institution that will help you explore your potential, look no further than LaSalle Tech – come join us on this exciting journey!

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LaSalle Tech
300 Howard Ave

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