About Little Big Horn College

It was the spring of 1876, and the sound of adventure filled the air in Crow Agency, Montana. The Little Big Horn College, a school located in the small town of Crow Agency, was buzzing with activity.

The students of the Little Big Horn College were an eclectic mixture of characters including boys and girls from all walks of life, ranging from Native American tribes to homesteaders and settlers. Each student brought something unique to the college and each day was filled with new discoveries, humorous moments, and incredible stories that would stay with them throughout their lives.

The studies at Little Big Horn College were focused on the three R's: "Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic". Every student had to master these skills in order to gain a good education, but there was much more to learn than just academics. The college also offered classes in music, art, drama, and even science!

The school days were long and often tedious, but that didn't stop the students from having fun. From snowball fights in winter to swimming in the nearby lake during summer, there was always something exciting going on at the Little Big Horn College.

The students also had their own social gatherings such as dances and parties. These were held on special occasions such as Christmas and New Year's Day, when all the students got together to celebrate. Everyone also enjoyed playing pranks on each other and telling funny stories around the campfire during late-night gatherings.

The Little Big Horn College was a place that inspired learning and adventure, something that all of its students would carry with them into adulthood. This small school in a small town made an incredible impact on those who attended it, providing an education that could not be matched elsewhere.

If you ever find yourself in Crow Agency, Montana, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit Little Big Horn College! It is a fantastic way to learn about this part of US history while having a great time. So why not take a trip to this iconic school today? You won't regret it!

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Little Big Horn College
Crow Agency
MT 59022
Photo of Little Big Horn College
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Photo of Little Big Horn College
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