About Lutheran School of Nursing

Ah, the noble Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis! The old brick building and its grounds have inspired many a young student over the years. Yes, it has seen some tough times, but oh – the thrill of a bright future that lies in its hallowed halls can still be felt today!

Since its establishment in 1893, the Lutheran School of Nursing has been at the very cutting edge of professional nurse training. From initially bringing students up to the standards of 19th-century nursing requirements, to today's more comprehensive nurse training; the school has been, and continues to be, on a mission to equip young people with the skills required to serve their local communities.

For more than 125 years, the faculty at Lutheran School of Nursing has remained dedicated to providing an atmosphere of excellence in professional development and patient care. The school offers an array of courses from courses in nursing to courses that focus on advanced nursing techniques; ensuring that all of their students receive first-class education in their chosen field.

Additionally, Lutheran School of Nursing is proud to be part of the larger Lutheran church family; offering unique opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth among its student body. Both through their core values and faith-based initiatives, Lutheran School of Nursing further serves as a strong example of how the teachings of Jesus can be woven into our daily lives.

At Lutheran School of Nursing, real-world experience is key. Students are given the opportunity to perform real-time case studies and simulations with local hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is this combination of traditional classroom learning alongside hands-on clinical experience that so prepares today's students for tomorrow's medical challenges.

And lastly, a small note about affordability – Lutheran School of Nursing believes in their mission to serve those who are willing and able to work hard for a better future. That is why they offer several generous scholarships and grants for those who qualify.

It is hard to overstate the fantastic opportunity that awaits at Lutheran School of Nursing in St Louis; it is one for which we all – both nurses and non-nurses – should be incredibly thankful! So what are you waiting for? Contact them today to find out more about enrolment and how you too can join this community centred on service and success!

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Lutheran School of Nursing
3547 S Jefferson Ave
St. Louis
MO 63118

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