About Madisonville Community College

Welcome to Madisonville Community College, where wishes come true! Whether you are an ambitious student seeking a degree, an eager apprentice hungry for knowledge or just starting out in life, there is something here for everyone.

Hidden within the rolling hills of Kentucky, the College is a place of discovery and adventure. Though the campus may seem quaint and idyllic, you’ll find within it a wealth of opportunities. With classrooms full of new ideas and laboratories full of exciting experiments, the College is bursting with activity.

From the moment you step onto the grounds, you can feel something special in the air. There are students from all walks of life—each one here for their own reasons. While some have dreams of becoming engineers and doctors, others are learning to play the piano or hone their baking skills.

The College itself is a model for learning. Through its cutting-edge technology, advisory system and unique curriculums, students receive a comprehensive education. The faculty is made up of highly qualified professionals in their fields—each one dedicated to helping students reach their potential.

But what truly sets Madisonville Community College apart is its vibrant spirit. Everywhere you look you will find smiling faces, eager minds and passionate souls ready to explore all that life has to offer. With clubs, activities and events available year-round, there is always something new to experience—and make lifelong memories along the way.

So don’t wait any longer. Take action and join us at Madisonville Community College! We want to see you reach your goals and be part of something meaningful. So come one, come all—let’s make some history together!

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Madisonville Community College
2000 College Dr
KY 42431
Photo of Madisonville Community College
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Photo of Madisonville Community College
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