About Marshalltown Community College

Marshalltown Community College is a beacon of opportunity for residents of Marshalltown, Iowa, and beyond. Located at 3700 S Center Street in the city's core, MCC offers students the chance to explore and learn in a welcoming environment.

What sets MCC apart from other college options? Our unique blend of academics, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for community involvement work together to create an environment where students can develop meaningful relationships and build lifelong skills.

At MCC, students can choose from a variety of academic programs. From associate degrees in arts and sciences to certificates in technology and health sciences, MCC's comprehensive education can fit any student's needs. The college also offers specialized programs like the Early College Academy and Learning Circles to help students gain more experience in their desired academic field.

MCC goes beyond academics, however - it's a place for meaningful connections. Our student organization Fairness Committee strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, no matter their background or identity. Our volunteer organization Scholars Connect is also dedicated to helping our community through outreach events, giving students the chance to make a direct impact on their neighbors' lives.

Even outside of academics, MCC encourages its students to explore new interests. With student-led events like Hawk Pride Day and the annual Fall Festival, there's something for everyone at MCC! Plus, our fitness center features everything from yoga classes to personal training sessions. With all the resources MCC offers, why not get involved today?

At Marshalltown Community College, we invite all students to explore life-changing educational opportunities and build meaningful relationships with people from around the world. Take the first step today - apply for admission at Marshalltown Community College!

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Marshalltown Community College
3700 S Center St
IA 50158
Photo of Marshalltown Community College
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Photo of Marshalltown Community College
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