About National American University-Colorado Springs South

Ah, come now to the hallowed halls of National American University-Colorado Springs South! To enter these gates is to embark upon a journey of knowledge and personal growth.

For the modern student, NAU-COS is the perfect place to nurture your educational aspirations. With supportive staff and faculty, and a diverse range of courses, this campus offers the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests and development. Whether you are here to acquire a degree or simply pursue your personal development, NAU-COS has something for you.

At NAU-COS, we strive to give our students an environment of learning and support. We have state-of-the-art facilities and technology that provide an ideal balance of classroom education and hands-on experience. We also offer plenty of extra-curricular activities, from sports teams to student organizations, giving you the chance to further explore your passions and make friends.

This school’s emphasis on education beyond the traditional classroom experience is just one of the many things that makes it a great academic institution and a great place to pursue higher learning. With access to modern technology and plenty of opportunity for personal development, you can be sure that your studies will bear fruit.

For those searching for meaning in their degrees, NAU-COS offers community service courses, giving you insight into the wider work of society while also developing your knowledge and skills base. Through collaborations with community organisations and social initiatives, you can gain an education with a profound difference – one that will help you to make an impact in your own unique way.

The vibrant atmosphere at NAU-COS will be sure to both challenge and enhance your experience of learning. Our faculty is made up of passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing inspiring and engaging classes. Our libraries are brimming with resources to help you gain knowledge in whatever areas you choose to study.

If you strive for excellence in learning and wish for an enriching university experience, NAU-COS is here for you! Come join us on this journey; participate in our vibrant community and take part in our range of interesting events that are sure to make studying here truly enjoyable. Ready yourself for an unforgettable adventure; visit us at 1079 Space Center Drive, Suite 140 today! Take action now to start your journey towards greater achievement!

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National American University-Colorado Springs South
1079 Space Center Drive
Suite 140

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