About National American University-Independence

National American University-Independence, situated in the heart of US over at 3620 Arrowhead Avenue, is the perfect place for any student who is looking to build a brighter future. It is a place where great minds come together, with a shared passion and purpose of being successful in life and to make a positive impact on the world. From world-class faculty to a diverse student population, NAU-Independence offers something for everyone.

The university offers over 40 accredited degree, diploma, and certificate programs in a range of fields including business, accounting, allied health, information technology, justice studies and more. These courses are designed to prepare students with the necessary skills and qualifications they need to succeed in their chosen field. The classes are taught by instructors who possess industry experience which ensures that students receive quality education.

On top of that, NAU-Independence also has a vibrant campus life with unique student activities and social events. Students can join different clubs, organizations and sports teams that allow them to get involved and meet other like-minded individuals. This also helps them develop lifelong relationships with others in their chosen field. For those looking for an even more enriching experience, NAU-Independence also offers study abroad programs in over 15 countries.

It's no surprise that many students who have graduated from National American University-Independence have gone on to become successful business owners, lawyers, doctors, nurses and many more. Alumni of the university have been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and many more. This is testament to the quality education they have received from NAU-Independence which has enabled them to achieve their career goals.

If you're looking for an inspiring institution that will provide you with the tools you need to make your dreams a reality, then look no further than National American University-Independence. With top-notch academics and experienced instructors, you can be sure that you will receive an education that will empower you to make a difference in the world. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards building your future today by enrolling at National American University-Independence!

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National American University-Independence
3620 Arrowhead Avenue

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