About National University College-Arecibo

The National University College-Arecibo is a beacon of learning that has been lighting the sky of Puerto Rico with knowledge for many years now. Situated at Calle Manuel Pérez Avilés in the wonderful city of Arecibo, this college has become a cornerstone of education for people in the United States.

Since its inception in 1972, National University College-Arecibo has been striving to provide quality education to the people of Puerto Rico. Especially focused on providing learning opportunities in fields like Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science and Criminal Justice, this college stands out as a symbol of knowledge, hope and determination to move forward.

Throughout its years of teaching excellence, National University College-Arecibo has been privileged to reap the rewards of having studied students that not only place value in the institution’s teachings, but use them as stepping stones to reach greater heights in their lives. In its mission statement, National University College-Arecibo states that it “believes that learning is an ongoing process that should never cease and that it should be an integral part of people’s daily life.” This college believes that by teaching knowledge and useful skills, its students can make use of them to become more successful and prosperous in their future lives.

One of the features that make this college stand out from its competitors is its diverse array of facilities and services such as state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, modern classrooms with all the necessary technology, libraries with tons of resources and books, internship programs as well as counseling services and financial aid.

The students at National University College-Arecibo are truly lucky because they get to learn from some of the best professors and tutors the college has to offer. With faculty members boasting degrees from some renowned universities both inside and outside the US, these professionals are able to provide the best education to National University College-Arecibo’s students. They not only teach through lectures and seminars but also provide guidance through projects or personal guidance sessions, depending on each student’s needs and schedule.

In conclusion, National University College-Arecibo is a hub of opportunity and education that helps bring out the best in each student. With its wide range of facilities and services, excellent faculty members and competitive fee structure, this college is ideal for those who want to pursue higher education in Puerto Rico or even within the United States. So don’t waste any more time! Join National University College-Arecibo today and start walking down the road of success!

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National University College-Arecibo
Calle Manuel Pérez Avilés
Puerto Rico
Photo of National University College-Arecibo
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Photo of National University College-Arecibo
Nina Andreasen
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