About Oakland Community College

The Magical World of Oakland Community College

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Oakland Community College - a place where dreams come true. The premier educational establishment lies nestled in the heart of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and has been enchanting inquisitive minds for generations.

This magical haven is renowned for encouraging learning and exploration in a safe, nurturing environment and countless former pupils have fond memories of their days at OCC. It’s a place where science, math and literature come alive, free from constraints of the modern world and you can truly be yourself.

Oakland Community College is particularly renowned for its world-class faculty who are passionate about helping young witches and wizards find the knowledge they need to reach their potential. With the help of our esteemed professors, you will develop powerful spells, learn complicated formulas and dive deep into literature to discover hidden secrets and wisdom.

You will also have the opportunity to make lifelong friends at OCC, who will stay by your side through all your adventures. Our dorms are a hive of activity, with students discussing the latest magic theories over cappuccinos at ‘The Red Cauldron’ café or chatting with one another in their cottages ahead of stressful exams. You’ll create friendly rivalries between the three houses – Hawks, Owls and Ravens – who compete against each other in Quidditch matches every summer.

During your time at Oakland Community College, you will also get involved in many thrilling extra-curricular activities. These include creating magical potions in our state-of-the-art laboratories, visiting other wizarding schools around the world on our international trips and going on magical adventures with your peers during summer camp. Whatever your passion, whether it’s Potionology or Charms, you will find something to suit you at OCC.

It would be an honour to welcome you to Oakland Community College – the birthplace of so many exciting new possibilities. We look forward to accompanying you on your magical journey as you unlock powerful secrets, overcome insurmountable challenges and perhaps even unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Join us on this captivating journey today by enrolling at Oakland Community College!

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Oakland Community College
2480 Opdyke Rd
Bloomfield Hills
MI 48304

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