About Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary

Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary: Where Magic and Learning Come Together

Welcome to Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary – the most magical place to learn in the United States!

Located at 141 Furnace Woods Rd, Cortlandt, NY, 10567, this amazing school offers a unique atmosphere of learning and spirituality. It is the perfect place to receive an education that combines the best of both worlds.

At Ohr Hameir, students are treated to an environment where the knowledge of Chasidus is intertwined with traditional education. Students are taught by expert teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Classes range from Talmud and Torah studies to Halacha and philosophy. It is a place where students can grow spiritually and receive a complete education.

The faculty at Ohr Hameir are passionate about providing students with the best education possible. Each teacher brings with them years of experience and expertise in their fields. They strive to ensure that students have a positive experience at Ohr Hameir and are challenged intellectually and spiritually. The faculty is warm and welcoming, making it easy for students to feel comfortable and engaged in their studies.

In addition to their studies, Ohr Hameir also encourages students to explore their creativity. They offer extracurricular activities such as art classes, music classes, and drama performances. These activities help students develop creative problem-solving skills while they learn more about their faith and traditions.

At Ohr Hameir, students can also look forward to social gatherings where they can connect with peers and faculty alike. These events allow students to build meaningful relationships with each other while strengthening their understanding of Chasidus.

Ohr Hameir creates an atmosphere of learning where magic happens every day. Here, students are able to explore knowledge while growing in their faith. If you’re looking for a unique educational experience that will inspire your intellect and your soul, then Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary is the perfect place for you! Start your journey today by visiting Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary website for more information.

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Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary
141 Furnace Woods Rd
NY 10567
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