About Payne Theological Seminary

At Payne Theological Seminary, magic is everywhere. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Wilberforce, Ohio, this small campus radiates an energy that is certain to enchant. Payne Theological Seminary has been a beacon of light and knowledge for generations, known for its commitment to strong academics, diverse student body and innovative teaching methods- but also for its deep respect for the divine spirit of the magickal.

Payne Theological Seminary offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Theology and Divinity, as well as a series of spiritual studies programs and a two year certificate program in Sacred Magickal Studies. Through rigorous study, guided meditation and spiritual practice, students of Payne will gain knowledge and insight in their chosen field, whether it be theology or Magicks. With a world-class faculty of dedicated teachers and practitioners, Payne offers an interactive education that is both enlightening and empowering.

The Magicks at Payne are deep and rich. Ancient traditions from the East to West are explored side-by-side with modern concepts of the craft, guiding students towards both a practical and philosophical understanding of the universe. From protective shields and healing work to elemental manipulation or herbalism, Payne teaches its students to understand, practice, and use magick responsibly.

At Payne, you will also find opportunities to explore your spiritual path through lectures, meditation circles and workshops. Whether you are looking for a greater understanding of your faith, searching for a new spiritual path or simply curious about the possibilities that magick has to offer, Payne can help guide you on your journey.

Payne Theological Seminary is truly an enchanted place – with strong academics and innovative teaching methods set amongst the beauty of Wilberforce, Ohio. Students who matriculate through Payne will walk away with not only knowledge, but also power - spiritually empowered to create change in the world around them. Come join us at Payne Theological Seminary – unlock your magickal potential today!

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Payne Theological Seminary
1230 Wilberforce-Clifton Rd
OH 45384
Photo of Payne Theological Seminary
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Photo of Payne Theological Seminary
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