About Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver

Welcome to Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver, one of the most prestigious universities in the US. Home to generations of proud alumni and dedicated faculty, PSU Beaver is a vibrant center of learning, creativity and innovation.

Nestled between Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Erie at 100 University Drive in Monaca, Pennsylvania, the campus is a stone’s throw from the historic town of Beaver. With its inviting, safe environment and expansive, tree-lined pathways, it’s easy to see why students prefer to study here.

Penn State Beaver offers a wealth of opportunities to explore the world of academia. From associate’s degrees to master’s programs, students can pursue pathways in a variety of disciplines. Whether your interest lies in economics or biochemistry, engineering or psychology, you are sure to find something here that resonates with you.

At Penn State Beaver, the robust extracurricular programs available encourage students to take their learning outside the classroom and develop their skills in a more practical setting. From traditional sports such as basketball to more specialized activities like robotics and engineering projects, students can pursue their creative endeavors in an open and supportive environment.

And what better way to become involved with a vibrant student community than through our on-campus clubs and organizations? These include professional clubs in business, media, science and more; artistic groups like dance or drama troupes; cultural clubs focused on specific ethnicities; religious groups; social networks; and political groups advocating for change. In addition, there are myriad ways to take part in volunteer initiatives that give back to the local community.

At PSU Beaver, we’re committed to enabling our students to become catalysts for change -- so why not join us for your next journey of exploration? Enrol today and accelerate your future!

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Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver
100 University Dr
PA 15061

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