About Pennsylvania State University-Penn State DuBois

It was a dreary day in Pennsylvania. The clouds hung heavily over the town of DuBois, a small hamlet nestled in the western part of the state. Here, the people of the town were tucked away in their homes while outside, dust and leaves alike blew around in chaotic swirls.

No one seemed prepared to face the changing winds. The only exception was the campus of Pennsylvania State University - Penn State DuBois at 1 College Place. Today was special, as this was a day of exploration and learning for all who walked its grounds.

The university campus was ready to spring to life with the anguished cries of those ready to take a chance in life. From fog-filled classrooms to resounding speakers proudly professing their message to the world, something special was happening here.

It was here at Penn State DuBois where students were free to explore their interests and passions, putting into action the ideas of tomorrow and honing their skills for success. Here, each professor eagerly awaited the opportunity to share their knowledge with eager students, encouraging them to reach for greater heights and make a lasting impact on their future.

No matter what one’s goals or ambitions in life may be, Penn State DuBois provided the environment that allowed students to push through any boundaries keeping them from achieving ultimate success. From student organizations to internships and an unparalleled educational experience, this school had it all.

This school was more than just a place of education; it was an oasis of inspiration and opportunity waiting to be explored. With each passing day, a new era of exploration and discovery commenced, pushing students closer to achieving greatness. Moreover, by bringing together a group of students from diverse backgrounds, each individual’s strengths were celebrated and honored for their potential rather than overshadowed by any potential weaknesses.

Penn State DuBois embodied a different kind of magic where knowledge could be gained and passions explored without fear of ridicule or judgement. Therefore, if you dare to seize the adventure within you then make sure you visit Penn State DuBois and join their legacy!

Take your future into your own hands; live life with adventure and make sure you start with Penn State DuBois!

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Pennsylvania State University-Penn State DuBois
1 College Pl
PA 15801

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