ForældreIntra is a closed system for parents to students in our school

ForældreIntra er en udvidelse af Skoleporten, men i modsætning til de øvrige dele af Skoleporten er ForældreIntra et beskyttet område, hvor kun forældre til elever på skolen har adgang. For at komme ind i ForældreIntra skal brugeren indtaste brugernavn og adgangskode. Ud fra disse oplysninger får brugeren adgang til de relevante områder. Forældre har kun adgang til klassesider, der vedrører de klasser, hvori deres egne børn går. Adgang til ForældreIntra sker via et menupunkt i Skoleportens hovedmenu.

ForældreIntra er et redskab, skolen kan benytte i forbindelse med skolehjemsamarbejdet. Forældre og lærere med adgang til en klasses sider i ForældreIntra kan både hente information om klassen, læse meddelelser til klassen og deltage aktivt med billeder, opslag, beskeder, debatindlæg ol.

Ved første indlogning i ForældreIntra skal forælderen anvende deres brugernavn samt en automatisk genereret førstegangskode. Når førstegangskoden er godkendt ved første indlogning, bliver forældreren sendt videre til en side, hvor han eller hun skal vælge sig en personlig adgangskode, som skal anvendes ved fremtidige besøg i ForældreIntra. Personlige adgangskoder skal bestå af mindst 6 tegn.


You are welcome to download the ForældreIntra guide below if you need a quick introduction on how to get started.

About Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole

Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole—literally translating to 'Rydhave Castle Youth School'—was an education institution like none other. Its pupils were always brimming with boundless enthusiasm and creativity, while its staff were determined to ensure that every student had the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The small campus was located right in the heart of a Medieval castle, surrounded by sprawling meadows and forests. But it was not merely the stunning architecture which made Rydhave Slots so special—no, it was the intricate culture of learning and wonderment which made this school truly magical.

From the earliest days, the teachers at Rydhave Slots were determined to provide an education which was unlike any other—one where students could explore, discover and grow to their fullest potential. As such, classes were structured to encourage collaboration, exploration and meaningful connections between students.

The teachers also encouraged their pupils to think outside the box and engage with their surroundings. Many students were known to spend lunchtimes exploring the castle grounds and gathering materials for art projects or science experiments. This type of hands-on learning was invaluable for helping the students to become critical thinkers and dynamic problem solvers.

On top of this, Rydhave Slots was renowned for its vibrant community events. Whether it was the yearly art exhibition or the castle-wide bake-off, these activities brought a sense of warmth and unity amongst pupils and staff alike.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end. After years of success and admiration, Rydhave Slots has been closed as part of a larger restructuring effort. While its alumni may never forget their beloved school, all we can do now is remember it fondly, celebrate its legacy and hope that one day a new generation of students may experience its unique charms too. So let us take this opportunity to recognize the brilliant accomplishments of Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole—and strive to pass on its legacy for years to come!

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Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole

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About Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole

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