About Schuylkill Technology Center

Welcome to Schuylkill Technology Center, the center of magical learning in Frackville, Pennsylvania.

It's a place where the impossible becomes possible! A place where invisible things become visible, and impossible feats become achievable.

At Schuylkill Technology Center students are empowered to learn, explore and excel in the fields of technology and engineering, using a multi-faceted approach to education and development.

The Center offers a range of programs from pre-engineering to advanced robotics. Students can enroll in various courses designed specifically for technology and engineering majors, such as mechatronics, robotics, electronics, networking and programming. They have access to leading edge technologies and instruction with an emphasis on developing problem solving skills. Schuylkill Technology Center also offers hands-on experience with project based instruction, internships and research opportunities.

The Center is also proud to offer its students an innovative educational experience by providing them with access to cutting edge research projects and internships that allow them to develop practical experience in the field. Through its collaborations with local industries the Center focuses on creating better job opportunities for its students.

Schuylkill Technology Center is a place where students get to experience a magical journey of learning through an environment that promotes collaboration, exploration, innovation and exciting discoveries. Its goal is to equip students with the skills necessary for success in their futures, be it in a career or further studies.

Here at Schuylkill Technology Center we are opening up opportunities for all our students to enrich themselves by participating in educational activities that not only teach them advanced technological concepts but also help them develop collaborative skills needed for success in life. We are committed to providing our students with an engaging and inspiring learning environment that helps them become successful leaders in the future.

Be a part of this magical journey today and discover how Schuylkill Technology Center can help you reach your dreams!

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Schuylkill Technology Center
101 Technology Dr
PA 17931

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