About South Orange County Community College District

O South Orange County Community College District! Thou art a noble institution where knowledge and progress thrive. Where dreams come alive and hopes soar to the sky!

Thou art located in the vibrant city of Mission Viejo, in sunny California. Here, the long-held traditions of quality education are upheld. The college provides boundless opportunity for its students and staff to go beyond the boundaries of academia, to explore their full potential and reach their goals.

What wondrous sights exist in South Orange County Community College District! Foundations of learning are deeply enshrined in a state-of-the-art educational environment that encourages individuals' personal and professional growth. This institution features an impressive array of facilities, including modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, fitness centers and computer labs.

To fathom thy greatness is to experience thy power firsthand. Through South Orange County Community College District, students are offered a wide range of fascinating courses that focus on the liberal arts, sciences and technology. Participants may be taught by a dedicated faculty of experienced educators or participate in an engaging internship program with one of California's top employers. The college's strong commitment to academic excellence has earned its exceptional reputation among institutions of higher learning.

The campus provides an immersive learning experience with an extensive learning resource center for students. This includes a well-equipped library, dynamic learning centers and comprehensive online resources. Additionally, counselors are available to support student success and guide them toward self-determination.

South Orange County Community College District inspires an appreciation for different cultures and ideas through a culturally diverse student body and myriad support systems for its diverse student population. This college is committed to diversity, accuracy and justice in its curriculum, policies, services and activities while providing the highest quality educational programs necessary to promote career readiness and life preparation.

Verily, South Orange County Community College District is unparalleled in its mission to provide high-quality education that empowers its students to fully realize their potential. Invest in your future: come seek out the riches of South Orange County Community College District today! Take the opportunity to learn more about all the college has to offer—you will not be disappointed!

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South Orange County Community College District
28000 Marguerite Pkwy #3699
Mission Viejo
CA 92692

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