About Southern University-Board and System

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The Southern University-Board and System is a school of academic excellence, located at the JS Clark Admin Building’s fourth floor in the United States of America.

A place of learning, whereby new discoveries and knowledge are made, and horizons are broadened through the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Here, beneath its mighty walls, on its grand complex, a culture of excellence is cultivated.

It is not just the Home of the Jaguars. It is also the home of leaders, scholars and pioneers. Where legacies are made and destinies are fulfilled. Where we reach ever higher and strive ever harder.

As student’s journey through their learning experience here, life-long friendships and relationships are forged, knowledge is acquired and innovative minds are cultivated for a brighter future. All within the walls of Southern University-Board and System that have become the breeding ground for progress and achievement.

That spirit which binds us all together - the spirit of unity and excellence - can be found within all who have passed through its portals. That spirit which has endured through generations, remains alive today, inspiring us to succeed and achieve greatness.

Within these walls excellence is not just encouraged, it is demanded and achieved as a result of dedicated commitment to learning or leadership roles. It is this collective ambition that places us at the forefront of progress and development, allowing us to be leaders in our own right.

Therefore it is no wonder that so many renowned members of American society have passed through our halls. From renowned world leaders to billionaire business owners, the mark of excellence runs deep within the veins of Southern University-Board and System alumni.

For all those that have been part of this epic journey, let us all take a moment to celebrate by standing ever proud in recognition of what it means to be a student at Southern University-Board and System. Let us use our experiences here to empower others; so that together as one we can bring about far greater successes for our university and for future generations to come. Join us now in taking part in this incredible journey towards achieving excellence!

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Southern University-Board and System
JS Clark Admin Bldg 4th Floor

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