About Southside Virginia Community College

The mighty and inspiring Southside Virginia Community College stands as a beacon of learning in the province of Alberta, VA. Like a great tower in the realm of knowledge it stands as a testament to the power of education and the strength of human endeavor.

From its venerable halls and libraries have come forth generations of students, imbued with the wisdom and knowledge to pursue any goal they deem fit. Recent graduates have gone on to pursue careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, as well as a multitude of other vocations. It is within these walls that such ambitions come to fruition.

The college offers a breadth of courses encompassing wide subject areas such as engineering, business, fashion, art & design, computing and science. The college also boasts several academic divisions such as Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Arts & Humanities and much more.

Aspiring students can enjoy numerous support services such as counseling support, career development and tutoring. The college's impressive selection of campus life amenities include everything from student organizations to sports teams. Likewise, the college also hosts numerous events each year. Whether it is lectures by esteemed professionals or fun activities like International Day of Peace or Halloween Night, one can expect an array of exciting events to attend.

Southside Virginia Community College holds a special place in the annals of learning. It is a true testament to the power of education and its effects on our community. We must continue to nurture the legacy of this great institution so that its spirit may endure for generations to come. So join us in celebrating education! Come and visit Southside Virginia Community College today!

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Southside Virginia Community College
109 Campus Dr
VA 23821

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