About Spalding University

Long ago in Louisville, KY, a small city far from the bustling lands of Middle America, there existed a magical place known as Spalding University. The University's ancient walls had seen many tales come and go in its long existence, but none quite like that of the Spalding Adventure.

It began as Lord Chancellor of the campus, John B. Kusturiss, issued a decree. A grand quest for knowledge was to be undertaken by a select band of students, who would venture out into the unknown in search of the ancient and mysterious secrets of student success.

The students who undertook this quest were nothing short of heroic. They were brave, intrepid and curious, and they traveled far and wide across the land in search of the legendary information. They traversed dangerous mountain ranges filled with fierce beasts and hostile sprites. They sailed across vast oceans surrounded by giant sea monsters and storms. And they climbed gigantic ice walls of frigid temperatures and treacherous avalanches, all in pursuit of knowledge.

Throughout their quest, the adventurers encountered many obstacles, some that tested their courage and others that challenged their minds. But no matter what they faced, they always pressed on in search of their goal. Finally, after months of travel, the heroes made their way to Spalding University's gates where they rejoiced in the fact that their journey had met success!

The secrets they had sought so hard to retrieve lay before them in all its glory: the key to unlock the students’ potentials, the power to fulfill their dreams, and the privilege to be a part of Spalding’s proud heritage.

So if you’re looking for a place filled with adventure, knowledge and camaraderie – then look no further! Take up your sword and shield and join us at Spalding University – where an epic journey awaits! Visit us today and embark upon your own journey to success!

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Spalding University
853 Library Ln
KY 40203

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